shaman in chinese

Decades ago when I used the word “shaman” and people didn’t understand, I’d say ‘like witch doctor”; but when I learned chinese I saw how those are two completely opposite things:

the characters for witch doctor were devil and person, or devil craft; it was associated with “ghosts”  or demons, and posession, and “mo wang”, the king of demons.

But the word I found for “shaman” was a loan word made of three characters – “samanjiao”,



the “sa” from “Bodhisattva”, “man” which means fullness, wholeness, contentment, and “jiao” is used for any religious teaching, so it’s “a bodhisattva of fullness wholeness contentment teaching:

so I made up a rhyme, in ancient chinese, for what I am:



samanjiao    xing  fo   fa   dao;


a shaman, a bodhisattva of fullness, wholeness, and contentment teaching, walking on the buddha law road that is the dao.




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