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I am running a meetup for people in the Dallas area, to get together and collaborate on discussion and translation of Daoist scriptures -

Translating the Taoist Canon

Friday, Jun 30, 2017, 7:00 PM

3102 Oak Lawn Ave Dallas, TX

3 friends of the universe Attending

Well it’s the first time I run a meetup, and it’s a new idea. In California I used to go to a philosophy group meetup, where we’d sit and discuss a question in a cafe from many different perspectives - ‘what is grace?’; ‘what is life?”; For the last few years I have been deeply immersed in reading and translating 1500 yr old Daoism, and I was think...

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And if you aren't in the Dallas area, but are interested in collaborating, I'd like to organize online discussions via GoToMeeting, so we can work together in real time.

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