In the bell-tone of fullness that is our combined prayer as we chant,

I worked out my goals a little better.

It's not exactly that I want people to do work; most importantly I want the people around me, and by extension, everybody, to be happy, and healthy.

The most important and most beautiful thing I could hope for or wish for is that we all chant together like that, flying like a flock of geese with a happiness that is beyond birth and death, our compass through the mysteries of life;

In that clarity so full of a happiness so powerful that it asks you what are your goals, willing to do anything to help, I said,

"I just need a little help moving a rock".

The rock is 1500 years,

1500 years of obscurity that are covering up what a few people have realized is some of the most beautiful ideation about the universe and who, what, and where we truly are, a profound orientation that today, our modern world so overwhelmed by the gorge of delusion, would be a radical re-orientation, into immortality.

It's the Daoist scriptures, the DZ, the Dao Zang, the Taoist Canon, sitting there untranslated and so underneath 1500 years of isolation and obscurity.

A few pioneers have dug little trenches and the gold glistens out from underneath; we know there's gold, we know where the gold is, and so I just need a little help moving that rock.

Yes, everyone being healthy and happy is the ultimate goal. And we chant together and we live our lives happy with fullness and compassion.

But those lives still wander through the clouds, a misty land of suffering the Buddhists call the "saha" world, the world to be endured.

And the gold is the path out of the suffering; Buddhism teaches the "four noble truths"

苦集滅道 -

suffering, the cause of suffering, extinguishing suffering, and the way, or the path to extinguishing suffering, and the last character, "path", or "way", is the character "Dao", 道, as in Daoism, and it's the Daoist scriptures that are sitting under that rock, that I tried to lift but I only was able to dig a little hole, and so I realized, I'm going to need a little help.

So I'm going to focus, first, on making sure that I and the people around me are happy and healthy, offer encouragment and listen for ways I can help.

but if I can ask for and accomplish anything, then a little help moving that rock is what I choose to ask for.

So I will writeup the simple research procedures and explain the translation procedure I've been following, and put it up on the website,

and I'll keep letting the universe know I need a little help,

all the while setting the example by continuing to excavate on my own,

while maintaing a focus on taking care of myself and others around me, not letting it get too manic in the gold fever that can come as you dream of what's directly below your gold mine,

and I'll just leave it up to the universe to give me that hand I need

to get to that ladder underneath the rock,

the ladder that leads into the skies, into the always-rising sun and stars

in the ever-flowing river of immortality.



cǐ sān  jiè   zhī shàng fēi kòng zhī  zhòng  zhēn wàng  gē  yīn  yīn shēn  dòng

Flying above these three borders to win the beyond, True Ruler, King of the Real - sings tone on tone of the tidings, in a practice of reflection, meditation, and worship, to join with the simplicity of the cavern,  in exploration, understanding, and release,


zhāng sòng zhī bǎi biàn míng dù nán gōng sòng zhī qiān biàn mó wàng bǎo

reciting the chapter's universe of names for salvation in the Southern Temple Palace, the recitation of the thousand devils that reside everywhere is a great protection to guard the barriers, the emperor's mountain stick  a protection that trains the world into righteousness and preservation;


yíng wàn biàn dào bèi shēng tài kòng gu dù sān jiè wèi dēng xiān gōng yǒu wén

to face and to welcome the "WAN BIAN DAO" - the "10,000 everywheres" Dao - in preparation to rise and to ascend in fullness and peace like the sunrise into the Great Emptiness, the Great Vacant Vacuity, into the Spirit above illusory existence, the abstraction without relativity, transgression and error fallen away into the Past, in a celebration of crossing over, the festival of salvation that reaches the other shore, beyond the three borders of Past, Present, and Future Existence, stepping into the ripening that attains the seat of immortality, awakening into the secret truth of the ancestors and kings that exists when hearing


líng   yīn  xié  guài  miè   xíng  chì   zhì  dì  qí  hù  dù  shēng  mín xiāo bá huò

the efficacious spirit sounds that extinguish and defeat the mysterious evils, blowing out the bewildering flame that leads toward error and illness; the body's form absorbing the powerful imperial commands to simmer in regulation and restraint, while reverent earth spirits protect the inner self as well as the body, saving the life of the people, the elder brother of poetry melting and wiping away misfortune,


nàn chāo yuè wù jīn qī zǔ shēng qiān yǒng lí guǐ qún hún dù zhū líng

pulling up disaster and calamity by the roots, leaping over distress to pass into bliss, crossing over beyond the prison of evil that tries to trap the Qi, riding the ferry of salvation to the seven founding ancestors in a peaceful ascent that swims in the eternally flowing brightness of immortality, leaving behind the flock of hungry ghosts and scattered wandering dreams, and crossing over to the vermillion mountains and rose sky of the immortal realm,


shòu liàn gèng shēng shí wèi wú liàng pǔ dù wú qióng yǒu mì shàng tiān wén zhū tiān

to receive-accept-endure the refinement, the training that holds the wind of experience contained within to receive the blessings of Heaven and earth, standing in the middle of the boat with both hands open to bear, and going further, into pure life; this is truly called the boundless and inexhaustible universal salvation, the mysterious secret of ascending into Heaven,


gòng suǒ chóng xiè màn duò dì yù huò jí qī zǔ wēng

all the diverse kinds intersecting and coming together in pious worship and sacrifice, hands folded together under Heaven in the lofty place of honor, full of reverence, pragmatically dismissing evil, flying away from pride/ laziness/arrogance like mist escaping from a vent, not falling into the earth prisons of suffering, but released from disaster, misfortune, and calamity and reaching upward to achieve the place of the seven elderly patriarchs.


translation by charlie5


cha li wu

In my introductory essay to the "Boundless Universal Salvation" scripture, "With a Simple Step (the Green Jade is Inhabited)", I have backed up with dozens of sentences from the scripture the vision that has begun to occur to me while contemplating it's various concepts and seeing the pattern take shape. the trajectory of the essay is simple, in a way. the first step is the simple step, to go from looking down into our own minds and feelings to looking outside of ourselves at the universe around us and begin to appreciate it's subtle energy and beauty. the second step is to envision what is beyond that, "primal heaven" surrounding us and raining down it's bounty of blessing like mullberry dew onto us, and the final step is for us to fly up, out of ourselves, to look back down at the scene, and to radiate outward, like a mirror, the beauty of the divine gifts that have been raining down on us for all time.

with a small step the jade is inhabited v1-5-17docx

Full translation of scroll 53 of the "Boundless Universal Salvation" scripture (book 5 of the DZ)

Primal Beginning Boundless Salvation Highest Level Mystical Scripture - Scroll 53

Version with just the English translation to read through without the Chinese characters -

du ren jing txt

this is a complete translation of the "Book of the Five Talismans", all three scrolls, complete with pinyin and traditional characters

(Book 388 of the DZ):

"the divine spirit of the storehouse-treasury-depository of the scriptures binds up and strings together the esoteric and precious spirit writing with the tranquility of dawn that stands behind it, for the intimacy of the personal soul who takes the book from the shelf and beholds the divinity that bestows the numinous power of the water and mountains that are sealed within it, the flowing energy never lost from the book that it exists within...the Heavenly Emperor's great text with the meaning that cannot be completely unfolded but can only be vented slowly, like the instruction from an elder brother that stretches across the long development of time...the song with its tidings, the ancient song from former times used by Yu to govern the water and provide stability in the world...the equal-everywhere mountain and river meritorious achievement... the "Upper Three Heavens Great LingBao Scripture"...communicating balance and going deeper into the flow of the sermon that is like the evolving performance of a little world playing in the waves of the difficult water, dissolving in the release of the LingBao deep mystery writing, the compiled LingBao text like pearls written on to the night sky, composed from the wholeness of Heaven and Earth, treasury of the oneness that pervades the revolving universe, ah! the name of the mountain's ringing sound carved into stone, the pervading oneness delivered ah! by the water's divine spirit, put in place so that the gentleman scholar of the future could obtain and undertake the path of the Dao, attaining the flowing energy from the dedication of the king... as if holding the red and the black of the sun and the moon as bits in a bridle, and accepting the flowing energy that falls onto the mound of the still-not-yet fully comprehended....for contemplation and discussion, the teaching of metamorphosis within the Dao that nourishes and rears pure life's balance collectively, encouraging single minded dedication and reflection on immortality, the talent and power of a bear in a cave able to withstand the ringing bottomless energy and swim in the cold fresh water, using the writings...the sage divine text that simply opens up to be accepted like a planet appearing in the sky, initiating enlightenment of the world, and one who seizes and embraces it finds the fresh brightness that does not become disaster and calamity; the Heavenly book is simply the Dao of mutual togetherness and flowing energy in the garden of time, for one who circulates within that energy"

"The limits of the five directions host the numinous wind and light of divine spirit, Heaven and Earth watching, to guard and protect, in order to prevent loss in the dream, singing the song of 'no-loss', an unceasing flow of shelter into eternal life's stillness, the salvation ferry that carries everything into wholeness; the secret of, ah! the greatest mysterious clarity that is the harmony of the mansion-palaces; there is a place of perfect contentment that exists within the twin clouds of mystery that are the 'here' and the 'now',  the unity that exists in a place with no forms, very difficult to know, the seed of the not known one that is lost among the myriad things, great like a chicken egg, sweet like a tangerine; exiting from the partial, and entering into the one, the master is able to guard and protect the whole of the  ten-thousand things; the three unities are represented in the physical body by the three palaces - head, heart, and navel, and are called the three palaces;  since it is already known that Heaven and Earth are father and mother, home of the Red Child, the five cities and the twelve story tower of the man perfected into truth must realize that he wears the divine cinnabar and gold fluid, the highest Yang that flows as the pearl of the greatest unity, and that these must be the three heavenly palaces of man, the thin silk invitation, polishing with grinding experience, an imperial command for the immortal Hun souls and contentment for the mortal Po souls, fixing and determining the heart in a full bodied satisfaction that flows brightly through the arteries like the image of the moon in water, enabling the light of the pond to float and wander unimpeded, the moat filled so that it can be crossed in order to arrive into completion, in virtuous beneficial long intervals of idleness, the body centered in careful leisurely breath, diverging into clarity, receiving deep repair on the vast inclusive way of Heaven and Earth, the self cultivation- nourishment ladle, there for the purpose of completion into immortality. From the heavenly sage book, the tall and round lustrous fire of deep mystery and wondrous subtle beauty that is secluded in serene ease, flowing smoothly and unrestrained, opens out bright and glorious, its tiny profound eruption displaying the mysterious wholeness of profound truth with the rare and perfect sounds of ancient star morning hope that dares to strive on the trail with its tones, narrating without vexing; it is to be used as our western blade; although only ten cun in size its flowing energy is able to cut jade, flowing through the circuits like the golden stars; although graceful and delicate, its thin silk ascends between the armor and scales with its thoroughly pervading education into destiny; for the disciple who follows along walking his steps with empty hands, his all-embracing talent like that of a new born plant, his whole-body experience employed on every side in universal pervasion, there is an object, thin, exquisite, and wondrous, that is used to prepare and complete into perfection; what is it? the Ling Bao five talismans! who left it? for what purpose? it is a sacred sage's foaming eloquence, an evolving development like the divine play of a star, a stretching inexhaustible appearance of Heaven and Earth's circling performance narrative, elegant text of the five signs, its flowing energy spreading diffuse, announcing like a flurry of dust and light the ten thousand tidings, bright golden flowers of dragon phoenix form extending resplendent, winning the breeze, freely flowing on the expansive wind onto the hundred bamboo slips; the tracks of the assembled eight issue forth from the mountain forest, coming into the day to employ the practice of bringing the deep pool abyss into the wholeness of perfection by making clear the distinct names of all the different kinds of grasses and trees that converge into the clear and warm harmony of peaceful immortality throughout the miraculous and supernatural well, with an understanding of inner nature and destiny that is boundless, conveying a song of subtle things that courses through the victorious sunset of spirit's camp, irrigating with a cleansing profusion an invisible secret beautiful truth that certainly must be the deep home of humanity."

Full version with pinyin and traditional characters along with translation -

WU FU JING-25-61318 edit

Version with just the English translation to read through without Chinese characters -

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